Spowtr uses and adapts to its needs some great open source tools and has been assisted by many great developer forums from all over the internet. Spowtr would especially like to thank the following parties:

PHP Login Script v2.0 for making life a lot easier.

Gumby Framework A Responsive 960 Grid CSS Framework that has made it possibly to launch mobile and tablet ready versions right off the bat.

Gravatars, A Globally Recognized Avatar for coming up with such a good service that is easy to implement.

jquery.mb.mediaEmbedder for such a cool little plugin.

Strip HTML Tags By Very useful!

NicEdit A great little WYSIWYG

Moment.js as it says... a 5.5kb javascript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.

Jeroen Fiege's Infinite Scroll for helping make things that little bit more cool!