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About Spowtr
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A quiet place to talk.

Spowtr is a simple social-blogging platform to publish "spowts" about anything you'd like to share your thoughts on.

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A place without rash commenting

but with long-form posting and responding instead.

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A place without notifications.

One you visit when you're ready to.

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A place without algorithms,

only chronology and choice.

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A place without advertising, or click-bait "from around the web",

just the content users create.

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A place with no followers or echo-chambers

but with anyone's views equally.

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The difference

On Spowtr—unlike many other social-media or blogging sites—you can read without the noise of likes, advertising, comments or third-party links.

If you read something you appreciate (or disagree with), you’re invited to respond or add your sentiment. Responses on Spowtr are not comments beneath the post, but rather "Spowts" of one's own. To avoid the trappings of comment threads such as rash or rude replies, responses are linked to from the original Spowt, and link to the original Spowt, but must hold up on their own too.

Spowtr prefers you check in when you are ready, so we keep email notifications to an absolute minimum. You'll receieve email notifications for system alerts (such as email verification when you join), or to let you know if someone responds to one of your Spowts.

Spowtr is completely free, so why not try it for yourself?

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Focus on reading

Spowtr's clean interface puts the reader first, without distractions in the way of the writer's content.

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Easy for writers

Whether you write your own piece, or respond to another's, Spowtr's intuitive authoring tools let you focus on your writing.

A place of your own

Manage your own space on Spowtr to showcase yourself and your spowts.

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