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A quiet place to talk.

A simple social-blogging platform; Spowtr is a place where you can "spowt" about anything you want and share your thoughts with the world, born from a few simple questions...

What if there was a place on the internet that was quiet?

A place with with no rash comments or shallow reply threads.

But slower, long-form posting and responding.

A place with no notifications.

Rather one you visit when you're ready to.

A place with with no algorithms.

Just chronology and choice.

A place with with no advertising or "from around the web" click bait.

Just the content you read and write.

A place with no followers or echo-chambers

But anyone's respectful views in view.

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What if you were already here?

On Spowtr you can read the thoughts of others without all the noise of likes, advertising, comments and third-party links you can expect on similar sites.

If you read something you appreciate (or disagree with), you’re invited to respond by writing your own long form piece on the topic, rather than posting a rash, short comment or reply. Responses are treated the same as a Spowt and they live on their own, not buried at the bottom of the original Spowt.

Spowtr has no alert system, so you don’t have to turn them off. If someone responds to one of your Spowts, great, they got something off their chest and can share it, but we won't bother you. You can just check in and re-join the conversation when it suits you.

Joining is free, why not give Spowtr a try?

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Focus on reading

Spowtr's clean, basic interface puts the reader first. Less clutter leaves more room for the reader to read and the writer to get their point across.

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Easy for writers

Whether you write your own piece, or respond to another's, Spowtr's intuitive authoring tools make it easy to focus on your writing.

A place of your own

Manage your own space on Spowtr to showcase yourself and your spowts.

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