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Do Good Design By Lorenzo Princi

Do Good Design

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Lorenzo Princi aka LorenzoPrinci 2012-09-30 20:03:22 m read
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Do Good Design is an essay on responsible design by David B. Berman. It is a must read for all designers working today. His ideals regarding functionality, accessibility and morality are intriguing as well as uplifting.

The small book with big ideas is short, sharp and simple just like his philosophy on function over form and the examples he uses to illustrate this are amazing. His use of hard hitting examples will have anyone in this field question themselves and their work.

All too often we are given graphic design publications which are nothing more than over priced portfolios of a designer's work; here instead we are presented with a graphic design master's guide to using your tools to do some actual good in the world. One of the most amazing things about this book was also the price; it was probably the cheapest design book at Kinokunyia! If you only read one design book this year, make it this one.

Originally posted 28 May 2009 at www.lorenzoprinci.com

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