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Spowtr — What's new in Nov 2022 by Spowtr
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What's new in Nov 2022

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Spowtr Admin aka Spowtr 2022-11-05 12:24:59 m read
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A few new features and updates have been made recently to improve the Spowtr experience.

Reading time

Based on average reading speed, a simple counter lets you know how long it might take you to read the Spowt.

Reading time in minutes is now displayed below the byline.

Listen to Spowts

Introducing a new way to digest Spowts, with a simple text-to-speech feature which will read the content right from your browser.

Audio controls for listening to a Spowt now appear just above the body content.

Page design

Re-positioning of the feature image to sit below the headline to improve content hierarchy.

Looks a little clearer, no?


Some of that behind-the-scenes love to improve loading speed and adherence of best practices. Just look at the Lighthouse results!

Lighthouse results for a standard Spowt post.

Bug fixes

Crushed a few annoying bugs too.


- Lorenzo Princi, the one-man-band at Spowtr

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