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Welcome! By Spowtr Admin


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Spowtr Admin aka Spowtr 2012-10-04 19:42:15 m read
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Spowtr is now up and running and welcomes all to use this space as a means to express opinions on anything you may have opinions on.

It is free to join and simple to use.

So sign up, spowt, comment and share with your friends.The Spowtr project came about as a way to allow the posting of opinions and rants in one place without creating isolated blogs or using genre or category specific forums. Have your say, rant, debate, argue, spowt and enjoy.

Please be respectful and follow the rules of common sense and decency. If you are commenting on Spowts by other people, remember that on Spowtr, they are entitled to their opinion.

Any content submitted on Spowtr deemed inappropriate including but not limited to being illegal or spam will be removed. Spowtr has the right to remove any content and ban any users when it is felt necessary.


- Lorenzo Princi, the one-man-band at Spowtr

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