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Spowtr — What's new — September 2023 by Spowtr
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What's new — September 2023 By Spowtr Admin

What's new — September 2023

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Spowtr Admin aka Spowtr 2023-09-10 09:35:09 m read
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It's been a busy few months, with the following features—focused on improving the Spowtr experience for readers, and authors alike— deployed.

Progressive web app

Spowtr can now be installed on devices as an app for a smoother (full screen) experience. Just find the “install app” option in your browser's menu.

Improved authentication

An improved authentication service means more security and control. Open logins across various devices can be reviewed and managed from the account security screen.

Persistent user navigation panel

On desktop screens, the user navigation panel will persist across screens until it is closed.

Dark/Light reading modes

A user preference can be set per device to specify the desired colour mode. Select between light, dark or system default in the account experience settings screen.

Private spowts

Previously, spowts could be published as ‘public’ (meaning they would appear on list pages) or ‘unlisted’, meaning they could be accessed directly via the URL but wouldn't appear on lists. The additional ‘private’ options means only the author can access them.

Responses list

Users can now access a list of public responses to any of their Spowts via the account menu. Well, just as soon as their are some...

General UI improvement and new branding

Some broad smoothening of the UI and update to brand elements such as typography and iconography which are ow more aligned to the ‘less-noise’ and ‘slowed-down-web’ ethos of Spowtr.

Performance and bug fixes

Overall improvements to the front end structure to ensure a more performant experience on key content screens, as evidenced by these lighthouse test results.

- Lorenzo Princi, the one-man-band at Spowtr

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